Night Before the Gala

Hey Everyone!

It’s the night before I take off for Boston and I can’t believe the day has finally come. The dream of becoming a part of Shooting Touch and the journey to Rwanda has become a reality.  As I pack my bag, I realize that this next week and a half is going to fly by. Soon, instead of boarding a flight to Boston, I will be getting on a plane to Rwanda.  It’s funny to think back to the day when I found out I was chosen, and the shock I was in.  Lindsey and Justin played a prank on me by making it seem as though I wasn’t going to be picked.  My emotions went from being devastated to an uncontrollable happiness in a matter of seconds.  Can you imagine what that could do to a person’s emotional state?   I even emailed Linds afterwards to apologize for my lack of speech, only being able to form the words “Really?!” “Yes!”  and “O.K” I’m sure they expected that though considering the way they set up the conversation.

Since that phone call, Africa is all that’s been on my mind.  My brain is continuously scattered with thoughts; what events do I put on? What equipment should I order? How can I fundraise more?  I always felt like I could be doing more. However, I am grateful for everyone involved with Shooting Touch for easing my mind a bit and helping me with whatever it was that I needed. Everyone has been great with telling me what had worked for them, what to buy, what to avoid, etc.  This has helped tremendously and it’s crazy to think that any past grantee’s had to figure all that out on their own! Kudos to them!

All of the planning and organizing has led to this weekend in Boston where Remy and I can take a breather and finally put faces to the names. Besides being nervous about wearing a dress at the gala (heels are not even an option, {by the way}), my biggest fear is not being able to accomplish all that I have set in my mind.  I want to start something that can be continued far after I’ve left.  With that being said, I am confident that whatever Remy and I put together will be a success. Other, yet not as complex issues that may arise is the language barrier. Although I’ve got the numbers 1-10, and 100 down pact, and I know a few other key words!  The heat is another concern.  Being from Canada I know it is going to be a whole different ball game out there.  That reminds me I should pack some sunscreen.

There’s not much else that I am worried about at the moment; although most people that have watched the news tell me not to go because of the Ebola outbreak.  To be honest, that’s the furthest thing from my mind at this point. I’m confident that I will be safe wherever it is that I am living/working, plus that’s on the other side of Africa, so I’m sure I’ll be fine 🙂

With all this being said, I am excited/nervous/anxious and ready to go! The gala will be a fun and exciting way to start our 11 month journey and I cannot wait to get there!


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