Thank You

I would like first to say thank you to all the donors and sponsors who are helping Shooting Touch to move forward.  Attending the 2014 ST Gala was unbelievable for me because it really opened up my eyes about what the organization is really about. It helped understand the values and projects that ST wants to give to the world. As mentioned earlier, being selected as a Fellow to represent ST in Rwanda for 11 months is a task that many people not only in the US but also around the world are waiting to hear about. However, anyone who supported ST at the Gala deserves so much love and appreciation because they are saving and changing lives for the younger generation in Rwanda. Therefore, I will take note from what I saw and heard at the Gala to emphasize it on the field. Lisanne and I promised to our families, friends, board members, directors and staff members that we will be the best Grantees that Shooting Touch has ever had.

The 2014 Shooting Touch Gala gave us more courage and dignity to go and represent Shooting Touch. I would like also to thank everyone who shared their advice during the Gala and those who believe in us to give us the responsibility to take control of Shooting Touch in Rwanda. I believe that we will make a difference that will put the name of Shooting Touch in a higher level and that would opened up a door to expand shooting touch all over the world.

Once again thank you so much for this opportunity we are forever grateful that you welcomed us in the family.


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