All Roads Lead Home (or Somewhere Close)

On Monday September 29th, I woke up at 7:34 A.M, which usually doesn’t happen. I had jerseys, bags, shoes, cones, socks, basketballs, books… all on the floor waiting to be packed. The excitement has been in me a while now, but the sadness started to hit me when I think about my family and friends. I pulled out my computer and had the song HAPPY by Pharrell Williams on repeat because it motivated me to speed up the packing. Within two hours every thing was in the bags and ready to be loaded. My mother kept coming in and out of my room and I could see the emotion on her face. I kept telling her “I am so excited mom…we will Skype all the time.” She would not say anything but she would just stare at me looking like she is about to cry. Then I would turn the volume up on the music so I wouldn’t be hooked with the emotions. Around noon I went to Target and got my last items such as soap toothpaste, lotion and deodorants and of course I stopped at Chipotle to get my last Chicken Burrito of the year.

My flight was supposed to leave at noon on September 30th, but I decided to leave at 8 AM in case there was an issue checking in. Around 5 PM I called most of my friends who were really busy studying for finals. We all know what show is on Mondays at 7 P.M, ‘The Voice”. Mom and I watched the episode then went to dinner. I loaded all my bags in the car so I don’t have to do it in the morning and talked to my father for a little bit, who I haven’t seen since September 30th after the Gala because of his job. I received a call from my brother and sisters who wished me a safe travel and that meant extremely a lot to me.


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