I Made It!

I ended up getting to the airport at 8:00am for an 11:20am flight. This is the earliest I’ve been for a flight but my mom has a tendency to be extremely prepared, which I didn’t mind for once. I really thought I was going to have a panic attack pulling into the airport.  It finally hit me!   I kept telling my mom “I think I’m going to throw up”. A combination of nerves knowing that I am leaving for 11 months, and wondering if I will get across the border without any problems had me on the edge!

Although going on 3 hours of sleep, I was wide awake waiting in line with my large 4 pieces of luggage.   Praying that I will be able to take all of it.  Upon reaching the counter and rearranging some stuff I was able to take everything for $300.00!  Couldn’t ask for more!  Only issue is that when I went to pay for it I realized I had forgotten my visa card (oops).


Always forgetting something.  With a bit of rushing I was able to go home and get it (thanks mom!).

Going through security was way easier than I thought, I had a harder time going back and forth from the Canadian border to the U.S border for school.  From that point it was smooth sailing, I even ended up getting a whole row to myself on the plane!  After a long 12.5 hours of watching movies, reading, and listening to music we landed in Ethiopia.  The land looked beautiful and the air felt so fresh.  On the brief walk from the plane to the airport I got to take in the fact that I was in Africa and would be for the next year of my life.   Thanks to Shooting Touch and our supporters I am able to experience this amazing journey and the rush feels awesome!

My excitement soon turned to confusion once I got into the Ethiopian airport and there were no signs anywhere!   I was sitting at a gate thinking it was mine and decided to try and get some shuteye.  When I opened my eyes everyone was gone, “did I miss something?” Here it comes, panic attack number 2.  I ended up finding everyone downstairs split up on two sides (decisions, decisions).  I ended up finding someone who spoke English and found my way from there.

We landed in Kigali an hour and a half later.

Hostel in Kacyiru
Hostel in Kacyiru

The red soil and green hills is what caught my eye from the airplane window right away.  The hills roll out into the distance far past what I can see and I feel a sense of relief and serenity.

I get through customs easily and am met by Isa outside the airport.  Everything went smoothly from there.  I am so glad Isa is here and is showing me the works!  It helps that she knows the Kinyarwandan language fluently and knows how to get things done around here!

Besides all that I can’t wait to get on the court and get started with the kids!  I am looking forward to my days to come.


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