First Three Days in Kigali

Believe it or not, Rwanda has the most organized airport and cleanest area in East Africa. I arrived at Kigali International Airport at 6:40 P.M and picked up my bags around 7:30 because I had to go through immigration. 20 minutes later I walked outside to meet Isaura who was patiently waiting for me for hours. I am really thankful for her help because with all my bags she found a way to get everything set and ready to go. 10:13 PM we checked in at Rwanda Youth Hostel, where people were really friendly and they also speak French, what made it really easy to communicate. After checking in the only thing that was on my mind was the bed due to a long flight and lack of sleep. Next day at 7:30 Lisanne and I ate breakfast and chatted with a German at the restaurant. Then we went for a run to explore the city. As we ran everyone turned around and kept looking at us. Then we would smile and say “Bite” which means hello and they would answer “saws” and that means fine. Later that afternoon, Isaura took us downtown to help us unlock our phones and get SIM cards, which really didn’t take too long because the connection that Isaura had blew my mind.

Shooting Touch is in town!
Shooting Touch is in town!

Almost everyone knows Isaura in town because they are all friendly and it makes them smile seeing a young white and beautiful girl speak their language fluently. Few hours later we came back, took a nap, and then grabbed dinner with friends.
Overall, my first three days have been all about observing , learning, and recording, which is coming along very well.
Acts 7:3
Leave your country and your people,’ God said, ‘and go to the land I will show you.’

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