My first weekend in Kigali was very impressive because what I have seen just blew my mind. Saturday morning around 11 AM Lisanne, Isa, and I headed to UGB practice court, surrounded by college students who came to play pick up basketball. What I learned about them is that they enjoy every single thing that they do in their life. I noticed after each game whether they win or lose, you will hear someone say the word “Esprit” which basically means “Good Team Chemistry” and that emphasizes the mental toughness on the court whether you win or lose. Most of them are really dedicated and take every single game seriously because there are many people on the side line ready to get in. If you lose it’s going to take you a while before you get back in.

Hoop Session
Hoop Session
After playing, the entire team gathered at a restaurant to eat, which surprised me, but Isaura told me that it was a common thing and that it is part of the team chemistry. Later on that day, a UGB staff member invited us to join them at the president’s house to welcome us in Rwanda.
I was introduced to the best Rwandese music, which i fell in love with. “Bibaye” by the Urban Boyz is a song that is on the top and everyone loves it. People are amazed when they hear us play that song. They would be shocked, look at us then start singing along. It is hard to not like that song especially after they explain to you the meaning of the song. Automatically, I went on iTunes, bought the song and have it on repeat.

Make sure you have it on repeat!

However, at 10 PM I was already in bed due to the time difference and also good basketball run in a different altitude. Sunday morning at 9:45, I met with Benjamin and Susie Thomas to go to the local church called Christ’s Church of Rwanda. I knew the Thomas family through a good a friend of mine Megan Soderberg from AIA. I absolutely enjoyed my time with the Thomas family who have the cutest kids ever. After Church they invited to join them for lunch and chat about Shooting Touch. I also loved playing with their kids who showed me their basketball hoops and different kinds of toys.

Surprisingly, I met so many people from America at the church who came for church ministries and volunteering. Most of them were from Dallas, Texas and Oklahoma and they were surprised too when they found out that I went to Dallas Baptist University. During the Church service I felt like I was still in Dallas, which brought back memories.
Christ's Church of Rwanda
Christ’s Church of Rwanda
Today early in the morning Lisanne and I woke up to have breakfast in the lobby and had a quick work session to discuss about our future plans. As we ate, it started raining and we even thought we would postpone our plans but all the sudden there was sun shining bright.
Morning Meeting
Morning Meeting

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