Summer Internship Series: Adam Lamont Edition

Editors Note: Boston Intern Adam Lamont wrote this post.

The first time I tried to find the Shooting Touch offices, I spent nearly an hour wandering around an old dilapidated mill in Norwood with no battery left on my phone. I went around in circles looking into the mainly empty offices in the mill. I even asked one person if he knew where the Shooting Touch office was, but he told me that he had never heard of that organization. He also swore that he knew every single business that operated in the mill. Eventually I gave up and left, and only figured out later where exactly the office was located. Two months later I returned to that same mill for my first day as a Shooting Touch intern and found the office without any trouble. That man I had asked was obviously wrong in his declaration that he knew EVERY business at the mill.

That first failed expedition aside, my time at Shooting Touch has been an awesome experience. I was the first intern to start this summer meaning I had several days to dive into what the organization does and pepper Lindsey and Patrick, respectively our Executive Director and Director of Curriculum, with questions. That helped me get my bearings and get to work helping Shooting Touch.

11403160_10207592083066609_2575492798498637280_nI am a rising senior at Bowdoin College in Maine majoring in Classics (think Latin and Ancient Greek) and Economics. At school I’m involved in a number of different sports related media outlets including a weekly sports radio show, a Bowdoin sports video show, and color commentary for home football games. The most intensive sports related activity I do is a blog I started with a friend at Middlebury called Nothing But NESCAC which covers several sports in the NESCAC (New England Small College Athletic Conference). It is the only newspaper or website to offer league wide news and analysis. It’s been nice to take a break from all of them and focus this summer on one concrete mission: improving Shooting Touch.

Most of what I do at Shooting Touch centers around our website and this blog. Because Lindsey and Patrick are so busy with everything that goes on, a lot of website content wasn’t updated. For example, the hard work of the Fellows from 2012 and 2013 was not properly shown on the site. I went to work making sure that every part of the website fully reflected everything Shooting Touch does. Besides that, I’ve also reconfigured a lot of the pages to make them look better which has made me get more involved with web design than I’ve been before. I have learned a lot about HTML coding this summer through this process. For those who know computers, you know that HTML can only do so much in designing websites, and for that type of heavy duty work Shooting Touch uses DreamingCode, a Boston website company.

Besides that work, I’ve designed and written newsletters that are been sent out to all of Shooting Touch’s supporters. Even though I am not the most creative person, I like to think that I’ve been able to cobble together somewhat visually pleasing newsletters. This blog is also part of what I have done, and I’m hopeful that it will allow the stories of our Fellows in Rwanda to shine through better as well as allow for regular updates from G3 and our other Boston programs.

Being in the office everyday has taught me a lot about how non-profits work. The daily challenges of coordinating with different organizations and making sure that our programs are having the biggest possible impact are difficult. Having your main project on the other side of the globe doesn’t make things easier either, but things always seem to work out one way or another. Shooting Touch does some great work through basketball, and I’m glad that I’ve been able to contribute in some small way this summer. I’m excited to finish up the internship over the next month and then see what the future of Shooting Touch holds!

It's gettin' wild in here. #shootingtouch

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