The Adventures of Jasmine, Chapter One


So Matt and I arrived successfully in Rwanda, Africa, to start this journey of a lifetime with Shooting Touch. However, the journey definitely was not without incident.  The important thing is that we are here safely.

We are staying at a Hotel in the city for a week before moving on to the East side where the basketball courts are.  While staying in the city, I had my first motor ride experience. That was exciting to say the least.  I definitely had to hang on for the first ride but I am comfortable enough now not to have to hang on.  My friends and family thought my driving back home was bad, well they would be screaming if they were here experiencing the type of driving in Rwanda.


I was able to play basketball here with the women’s basketball team.   It’s been a while since I actually played basketball on a regular basis so I wasn’t in the best form, but I I definitely realized how much I miss playing.  It was great to be back on the court. And watching Lisanne and Priscilla play in the zone 5 tournament makes me want to get out and play so much more.

While I was a little jet lagged after the long flight and miss my family and close friends from back home, yes I am referring to you, Becca, AAA, Amanda, and Kobi, I still look forward to learning the culture and life style of the people of Rwanda. We will be going out east this coming week so I’m excited to get to the courts and meet the coaches and kids. I think that it is finally hitting me and reality is setting in that I am actually in Africa and about to teach my passion for basketball to others. 🙂 But that’s it for now, more to come… Stay tuned.



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