I bet at least half of you reading this just sang the title when you read it. Haha. I know I did a few times. 🙂 Well we are working on what respect means to the kids here in Rwanda. We did skits as part of our respect lessons. I wanted to make it fun for everyone. Learning is always best if you are enjoying what you are doing.   The kids had a great time! I attempted to have them come up with a rap or a chant that is related to respect, that didn’t go so smoothly. Some of them didn’t understand the idea or concept I was trying to get them to do. Some are shy at first and then we have others that love the camera. It’s great to see the different personalities shining through. I am sure as I get to know them more, they will all overcome their shyness.IMG_0155

Feedback from Lisanne was good after my first week of practices. Lisanne said that my practices in Kayonza were really good. I am glad to know that I am starting out on the right track. She said Matt and I were a good match because we compliment one another with our skillsets and abilities. We both have our own strengths that work well with the one another.


Someone made a reference to me earlier this week that: “Seeing a white person in Rwanda was like seeing a giraffe in NYC.”  There’s an image for you. 🙂

Monday it was back to work, we met with FERWABA. I felt like the meeting went very well. I met a few of the people from FERWABA prior to this meeting, while I was practicing with Ubumwe. But it was great to sit down and formally met with people of this organization that we work with.

IMG_0149We are continuing with testing the players in Rukara. I also continued the search for an apartment. I settled on a two room house with a sitting room. I am very excited to be settling into my place and not having to live out of a duffle bag.  I have to say I experienced the world’s hardest game of charades ever when trying to communicate

IMG_0152some of the problems I was having in my new house. Everything is all good now though. All issues have been resolved. Now it’s time to focus on the reason I am here… for the youth and for basketball.

We haven’t had much basketball this week because of rain and/or meetings. But also because on Tuesday some of the boys in Kayonza did a scrimmage with the older guys that like to play basketball in Kayonza. Everyone involved had fun. It was good to see them on the court, I really got to watch them play and see the different aspects that they need to work on. It will only help to improve their game.

And finally we have an office in Kayonza!! It is located at the Youth Friendly Center. Having an office makes things seem so much more official. We’re kind of a big deal now. Haha 🙂

IMG_0139                IMG_0137

There was rain again yesterday at the start of practice in Kayonza, so we started to watch my state championship game from high school. A few of the kids kept yelling and cheering when they saw me on the screen, even when I wasn’t in the game. Thankfully, the rain stopped so we were able to get back out on the court. Even though there was water on the court, a few were quick to start mopping and brushing the water off the court.  A little rain can’t stop them or their ambition to play!

IMG_0163Happy Halloween & I hope everyone enjoys the holiday, and all the candy. 🙂


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