Just about Halfway

Its interesting writing this blog realizing I’m about halfway in to my time here. Everything has been great so far, and it seems like I’ve been here for far longer than 5 months. I’m just keeping that balance of having a routine, but trying to keep things from being stale. I’ve had quite an interesting few weeks in Rwanda. We are in the beginning stages of our curriculum, gearing up for a March tournament, and there was just the Africup in Rwanda for football.


It’s been a long awaited time for us to start giving the kids these curriculum lessons, and they are taking it in well. Especially because we now have some new kids at the court.


Speaking of new kids we have been visiting new schools to try to tell kids to come out and play. It’s always an interesting experience going to the school, because the kids just all run up and form a mob almost immediately. It makes it extremely easy to get your message across though, and afterwards they always seem interested in coming out to play.

Off the court Lisanne, some friends and I went to see Rwanda play DRC in soccer at Amahoro stadium. The whole vibe during that day was crazy, as it is a big rivalry. Rwanda isn’t known for soccer, but they won their first two qualifying games moving on to the next round. I have only been to one other soccer game in my life, but the atmosphere in Kigali was amazing. There were motos with giant flags, tons of people with facepaint and


The game did not disappoint either, but unfortunately Rwanda lost in double overtime. I was rooting for penalties so hard, but alas Congo scored in the 4th minute of the second overtime.

Back on the court, I got to show the kids a Warriors vs Thunder game, which was probably just as exciting as the football match. It was so nice to finally watch the NBA, I have definitely felt deprived not watching any American professional sports this year. There’s so many times where I want to just unwind and catch a game. This time though I downloaded the game (completely legally) at 3am, and it was worth it.


The kids absolutely loved it, they were cheering everytime Igudola made an incredible pass, or when Westbrook made incredible drives to the basket. To see kids get so excited about basketball like that was a shot of joy I needed after a long day.

Finally I’ll end my blog with a little bit of a sad note. Last week on Thursday I was having practice as usual, and all of a sudden I see one boy Bonfiace at Rwinkwavu practice. At first I’m really excited to see him, because I hadn’t seen him at Nyamirama practice where he lives in a while. But shortly after I saw his face I knew something was wrong.

He told me his brother is in bad shape and at the hospital. He had gotten mugged after his pay day, and was in critical condition, with a big bandage on his head, fractures in his leg, internal bleeding and much more.

Boniface and his brothers are orphans, and they are the only ones who live together. My heart really went out to him, because I had gotten Boniface insurance earlier in the year, when he hurt his head running into another kid and needed stitches, but his brother didn’t have insurance. We got him food and ate with him in his barely concious state.

That’s when the nurse said he would need to be transferred to Kigali the next day. Thats when they found out that he didn’t have insurance, which the people in the hospital were very upset about, and we had to plead with the social worker to continue to help him. As of right now I am not sure what his situation is, but I know he’s been transferred to Kigali.

Things like this are why I feel we have to get health insurance for our kids. We can’t stop some of the dangers they face whether it is diseases, accidents, or horrible events like this. But for 5 bucks a kid we can make sure they get treated for whatever comes their way. So I am now looking to fundraise for this goal, and hopefully we can make sure each one of our kids has health insurance.


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