Some Rwanda 101s

The first week in Rwanda has been amazing so far. We are only 5 days in, but I can already see that this country is a very special place filled with great people. So much has gone on, that it's hard to list everything. Lisanne has done a great job of keeping us busy and …


The week between the Gala and my departure

People probably looked at my week between the Gala and my departure date as unconventional to say the least, but I think it has been a great way to do one last week of preparation for my year ahead. I became much more in tune with figuring out problems on my own, I became less …

The First Day!

Every day at 8:30 an alarm goes off on my phone that says: Listen and be patient. Patience is something I will need this year and I for sure needed it on my first day. For some reason my phones Wi-Fi was not working on the day I left, so I had to figure out …


Orientation Transformation – My 2015 Shooting Touch Gala by Matt Mcginley

The transformation in my attitude from landing in Boston to the end of the Shooting Touch Gala weekend was great, and it all happened so quickly.


Introducing 2015 Fellows Jasmine Bishop and Matt McGinley

In a little more than a month, Jasmine Bishop and Matt McGinley will leave behind their friends and family and head to Rwanda to begin their year as a Shooting Touch Health Corp Fellows. We at Shooting Touch are excited for the amazing journey Jasmine and Matt will have, as well as the enormous contributions …


Saying Goodbye (For Now)

Now on the plane, heading home from a 10 month journey, I can’t wrap my mind around the fact that I have completed my sabbatical. When I first arrived in October I was so excited to begin a new journey, to overcome obstacles and through that learn more about myself. I find myself asking what …